Second request for a domestic scene within two days.

From a regular who usually wants judicial punishment.  However,  for this appointment  the slave had decided on a change.

So at 11 am today, the scenario went like this:

Gave him a duster and polish, and I ordered him to have all the wood furniture and door dusted shiny within 10 minutes (not more than 10 minutes, I insisted).

11.11,  sharp, I came to check his progress.  wasn’t even half done!

I said “I hope to God, you have not broken your other promise – to get  a gift from Ann Summers.”

He presented me with a really powerful vibrator.    “Hmm, I approve,” I said.


“I’ll just have to give you, my useless house slave, a good shafting, first with a vibrator, then with the largest strap-on I can find.”

After the vibrator, I dragged him through to the Dungeon, had him bent over,  bound up, and delivered the strap-on up inside!

Whilst I was shagging him, I asked if he’d ever managed the trick of wanking into his own mouth?  He wondered what on earth I meant.

“Lie on your back, lift your legs up, Slave”.  I grabbed his ankles, pulled him back until he was balancing on his shoulders, so that his cock was direct over his mouth.

“Now get on and wank, and be sure every spurt and drop is perfect aimed in your mouth!”   That made me laugh, still laughing now, and made my day.


Signing off, Mistress Tania, Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress