This week, it’s being customers calling for bare bottom spanking and caning! 

Many of my CP customers have been back again in the last few days – with more booked through to the weekend.

The one for the blog is about a customer from yesterday.  He’s seen me often, over a lot of years.  He always thanks me for the amazing CP experiences.

As a youth at secondary school, my customer was the only boy through his five years, to have kept an excellent record of behaviour.

So he never met with the Head to get a good hard caning!!

He would often pass the Headmistress study, to hear the sound of a schoolboy receive a strong shouting.  He would listen out, close by the study door, to hear the sounds of what would follow – a hard bare-bottom spanking, the moanings from the boy being punished, followed with an even louder noise of a violent six of the best!!

He left school, well behaved, no regrets.  But, deep down, a feeling of missing out on real punishment.

So, he often tells me that his memory of school mates being spanked and caned had never left him –  memory as vivid now as the day he left school.

“I’ll order you to wait at my study door, Boy, whilst I prepare myself.  You will knock at my door, and you will wait until I give word for you to enter – understood?!”

“I understand you, Miss” replied my customer.

I hear his knock at the door.  “Well, hurry up inside boy!”  I step towards him and shout into his face  – “this is the last of your school days, and I never, NEVER, thought I would see you at my door!”

“You’ve deliberately allowed yourself to be seen listening at my door, so that you may receive punishment from me.”

He then drops to his knees, at level to see my skirt and stockings, and begs to go over my knee for a bare bottom spanking, and then to receive a caning.  He looks up at me and confesses  “I’m just a filthy-minded schoolboy!”

“Down with your trousers and underpants, and over my knee to receive your spanking!!!”  

After a few minutes of hard bare-bottom spanking, I reach for a cane to give him six of what he’s always really wanted!


Signing off

Mistress Tania.

Mature Yorkshire Mistress