White Panty Boy arrived for his appointment with me today.

But before he arrives for his appointment, he also enjoys distant training – he expresses  his devotion to me…He is besotted by my beautiful panties…He pleads to be allowed to drop to his knees and wank while I lift up my skirt and flash my white panties at him!!

Panty Boy – a very submissive guy – with no limits to his fantasies of me in white panties – not just sessions with me, but also sub-training – by text – begging to kiss the crotch of my panties – in LUST with my panties – pleading to see my white panties – to worship my panty mound – wanking into a pair of my white panties – wearing a pair of my panties stretched over his head!! 

All these fantasies go flashing round his mind like lightening!

I reward him for his devotion to my white panties – I grant him immediate permission to wank away at his little soldier.  But at other times, I forbid him to wank, perhaps for three or four days, to let his fantasies of white panties really drive him to frustration!

When I think he can’t stand any more frustration and torment of his fantasies, I finally text him my permission for him to wank, for example, “today is Tuesday – you may wank today”.  But, to keep up his torment, I text him again “But you may not wank until I have given you a definite time to wank!”

So his cock, his little soldier, is in a state of unbearable stiffness, fit to burst with release of powerful spurts of cum!

Signing Off,

Mistress Tania

Mature Huddersfield Mistress