Ian (of the Ian and Jane couple) was here this week – sent by Jane, as the punishment to Ian for his arranging a slipper evening last weekend, whilst she was away visiting relatives.

Ian had sent an email to Sue and Vivienne asking them to attend his rooms, and to bring their favourite slipper which he would then apply to their bare bottoms.

(Very rude of Ian not to have invited me to the party – still if he had invited me to the party, I would have perhaps got the idea that it would be me slippering Ian’s behind with Sue and Vivienne as witnesses 😈)

I understand from what Jane said when she called to book Ian’s appointment, that these slipper parties are something they do quite often, and that all concerned really enjoy the fun.   THE BIG DIFFERENCE THIS TIME, OF COURSE, WAS THAT JANE WASN’T THERE AND THAT REALLY ANNOYED HER!!!

So, for Ian’s session with me, Jane had sent Ian with a favourite slipper and a pair of panties, from both Sue and Vivienne, and asked me to apply the slipper from Sue to Ian’s bottom, whilst over my knee and wearing her panties.  Then to do the same with slipper and panties from Vivienne.

And also a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking across Ian’s behind!!

To let Ian know that she really does love him, Jane asked me to give him 80 with his favourite red strap, and to let him know that she was really annoyed, to give him 30 with the red handled cane, both on his bare bottom!!

Gentlemen, the lesson for you all is a simple one…if you invite ladies to a slipper evening whilst your wife’s away, there will be consequences to follow!!!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress