You will probably remember that recently I jokingly told Ian I was surprised that I had not been invited to one of his slipper parties – the ones he usually has with Vivienne and Sue.

Well I really was surprised to receive an invitation from Jane in the post.  It read:

“You are cordially invited to a slipper party, to be held at the home of Ian and Jane on Saturday – Wine and buffet supper will be provided – PLEASE BRING YOUR FAVOURITE SLIPPER, STRAP, CANE and any other implements you feel might be useful – any or all of these to be applied to the bare bottom of any attendee you feel is deserving of punishment!”

So of course I went along – yesterday was the Saturday of the slipper party.

I suspected it would be a busy evening for me as I imagined that Jane had also sent out invitations to Vivienne and Sue – maybe one or two other beautiful ladies who will need to be put across my knee, or bent over Jane’s school desk – to receive the punishment they deserve!

Jane and Ian were of course there – each of them to receive a good hiding from me!

As they were the hosts of the party, I “offered” punishment to Jane and Ian first!!

Little while later, with Ian and Jane sat down to ease their raw behinds, I provided the party entertainment of punishing Vivienne, Sue and the other guests present!!!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress