This is a guy I see in Winter, Spring, Summer and the Autumn.  He comes with the seasons of the year…with the seasons at Primark!

With each visit I give him a shopping list…a command…of what he should get – to this I add a very specific rule – he should be clueless about sizes and he must,  MUST,  ask an assistant for help.

Having arrived at my chambers after his shopping trip, I command him to undress from his male wear and change into the ladies wear.

“Now that you’re transformed into one of  Primark’s finest blouse and skirt numbers, plus ridiculous wig, hand me  your male clothes, wallet, your passport, all loose change from pockets, car keys, house keys, mobile phone – ALL OF THEM!”

“Now I want you to get over the road with my shopping list – and ask the shopkeeper to get out from behind his counter, and guide you around the shelves for the groceries, and if he starts groping your arse, don’t come running back making a fuss – IF YOUR BACK IN LESS THAN FIFTEEN MINUTES, I HAVE SOME FRESH MADE SCAT WITH YOUR NAME ON IT!”


Keeping a sharp eye on my slave from my study window, as he crosses the road, dodging the traffic, hitching his skirt up.

From here, now we have to imagine being in his spot, inside the shop, with shopping list.

The slave wanders clueless round the shelves.  After a bit, shopkeeper asks does (slave) want help, lovely lady?

Slave walks to the counter, close up to the counter, says to shopkeeper I haven’t got a clue  (although its plain obvious what’s what and where’s where).

Shopkeeper says (with a randy nod and wink): “Oh dear, dear, lovely lady, you are new to my local shop, and lovely firm arse (he raises the slave skirt to have a randy pinch).”

“And here we have the freezer cabinet, lean over the cabinet, because the fish fingers are deep bottom of the cabinet!”  No, No, Lovely lady, lean forward so you can have a proper reach…”


Less than 15 minutes later I see the slave running like the devil back across the road, floods of tears,  dashing back through my door – with force to knock my door down!

(Trying to stop myself from laughing, I ask) ” WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING BACK HERE IN LESS THAN THE 15 MINUTES?

Slave replies with upset – ” that randy goat of a shop keeper had two goes at me… and he saved the worst until I was bent over the freezer cabinet – a grope of my balls,  slap of my arse,  then he said his brother would be interested too!”