Today, I received a new slave – SLAVE P.

Since I was dealing with a new slave...“What are you into, Slave??”

After a short hesitation, he said what he wanted most was to be laid naked for me to trample and step on him in my high heels – but especially to step on his  cock, his jap’s eye and his  balls.

“Well then, you must strip, lay down and present your cock and balls to my high heels!”  (A golden rule for Dom’s is begin gentle, so as to get your slave begging for you to get firmer with them.)

So, I just rested the toes of my shoes on his jap’s eye and I warned the slave – if your cock juice smears the flats of my shoes, you lick the mess off – and no stocking worship!!

With a few minutes of my shoes rubbing against his jap’s eye, his cock and balls rose stiff under my feet!   I began pinching at his cock with the tips of my shoes – with a repeat of my warning – any smears without my permission – you lick the mess!

But he pleaded with me that he couldn’t hold on for much longer, so I delivered him a kick from points of my shoes – with direct aim at his balls!  And now, Slave, if you don’t want another jab with my shoes, what is it you should say…??  “I’ll be your slave forever, Mistress”, came Slave P’s reply!

Good, that’s what I want to hear!

I then knelt down by his side, whispering into his ear… “and what is the magic word I should hear when…you want me to take my shoes off …and you want to worship my fine stockinged feet?!”

Oh, right now, please mistress…(I interupt him with another kick in the balls at his disrepectful reply!) – “NOT THE REPLY I EXPECTED…A RESPECTFUL PLEASE MISTRESS is…. the reply that I expect!!”

Please Mistress, he groaned, reeling from the second kicking I gave him.

I slipped my shoes off and sat down on the high backed wooden throne, resting my feet on the large pedestal.

“Before you worship my stockinged feet, I think I can see some dodgy looking smears where you’ve been – LICK, AND LICK WELL!!” 

After a few licks – I prompted him “THEY’RE CLEAN ENOUGH I SUPPOSE – NOW THE STOCKINGS!!”

“Crawl over to me, you squirming toad, and feel the soles of stockinged feet – with your tongue!!”

After a few touches of my stockinged feet, I knew he was bursting to cum, so I threw him some wipes, stood over him, and as he began to stroke at himself with increasing energy!



Signing off,

Mistress Tania, of Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress