Earlier this week, I received a text from Mistress Helena, to see some entertainment she was preparing for me.  I then text back: “Anything I can bring?” 

“Butt-Plugs, please, Babe” was the reply.

I arrived at Helena’s with the packet of butt-plugs.  When I reach the front door and knock, I hear music, at quite loud volume, through the heavy door.  I gave a louder knock – still no reply, and volume of the music still as loud as ever.

I then text Helena to get her aware that I’m outside and waiting.  Within a couple of minutes, I get a reply – “Sorry, coming to door now – just you wait & see the sissy bitch that I’m trying to train up!”

So Helena leads me through inside to take a good look at her TV sissy, trying to achieve the Olivia-Newton-John look.

Reality was that this thing in front of us was nothing but a slutty looking bitch, in tight silver dress, with heavy make-up, dancing very stiffly, with no sense of the beat of the music!  

All that I could say was: “If I was going to a club with THAT THING, I would make it stay in the car!!”

Then, I said, reaching for a butt-plug, “would this inside your arse make you move any better??”  Helena parted his arse-cheeks wide for me to thrust in the butt-plug!

Helena gave the sissy a hard shove (nearly had it falling to the floor on its high-heels) along with a hard message for it to start getting its act together, along with spits and slaps across the sissy bitch’s face!  – “For the last time, clumsy bitch, dance the way that I showed you,  Have you forgotten that this is on web-cam!!  Now, DANCE,  bitch – DANCE!!”

The guys on Adult Work Web Cam were giving feedback and judgement:  “The clumsy fuck’s got no stamina!  Get the sissy bitch doing some press-ups!”

But the sissy bitch couldn’t make even a single decent press-up!

I said “Do you want our fuckin’ heels in your arse??”   The sissy’s eyes were becoming tearful with abuse from the twelve of us (Helena, myself and ten guys via the web-cam).

I turn to Mistress Helena, saying:  “Forget teaching the stupid bitch to dance – it won’t move even if you kick it along the floor!” 

“I hope things get better than this when you start larger classes of sissy bitches!”

Helena replied “Well the sissy bitch still needs punishing for the waste of our time – we’ll tear off its silk panties and each give the bitch an over-the-knee, bare bottom spanking – we both need some fun out of this!”

A while later, Helena and I both decided the bitch was thirsty and knackered – in need of refreshment.  Our sissy bitch was dry for a drink – it did not struggle or resist when we taped drip-feed bottles of our piss to its mouth!

After all, we had to show some pity, and we do want the bitch to come back sometime!

Signing off

Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress