Mistress Helena has got a customer who is into watersports.  But today, there was a difference!  Watersports from three Doms! 

The third Dom was Mistress Bael, a trainee Mistress, and friend of Mistress Helena.  I had never met Mistress Bael before, but when I saw her today, I was  impressed – very impressed!  Dressed in a black pvc dress, with fully-fashioned stockings…plus really high heels…8 inches!  A gothic looking lady, but with a continental look.   Really bubbly personality!

The guy was tied and bound on my spanking stool, taking a real good sniff at the poppers.  Mistress Bael pulled on a pair of gloves, and very quickly inserted a finger up his arse!!   

Mistress Bael TRULY IS  a naturally gifted Dom – to call her a trainee Dom does not pay justice to her!   Excellent at humiliation!!

As I’ve said, the main thing this guy is into is watersports – which I do quite a lot of in my Dungeon.  But watersports from a threesome of Doms, sent him very submissive indeed, and he is a very submissive sub in any case!

I’m well equipped with toilet boxes but,  for this session, I made him lie down on a towel spread on the dungeon floor!  I ordered him to raise himself up to sniff at my panties – “sniff, go on, sniff!!”

I settled myself on his face, I let my piss run out, soaking through my panties, as he reached out for his pathetic cock!   But when my dampness soaked his face and ran down his mouth, this caused howls of laughter from Mistress Helena and Mistress Bael!!

Then Mistress Helena put the toilet table over his face and relieved herself on him,  and the same from Mistress Beale!  The three of us were howling with laughter, mocking and spitting on this fool – his face drenched and soaked with our piss!!

Mistress Helena went into the kitchen for a few moments, and the Sub asked me if he may wank – to which I said “I’m not your Mistress!”   At that point Mistress Helena returned, sat herself on the toilet table and did a long, strong piss into his mouth!!  Only when she had finished, did she grant the Sub permission to cum!!

Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress