I don’t seem to be able to  get rid of timewasters – I find timewasters a real bloody plague!

Saturday was a MASSIVE, AND I MEAN MASSIVE, performance of time wasted – the guy had originally booked himself for one hour on Saturday morning – this was a booking he made 3 weeks ago, and kept in touch to confirm he would be here as booked – as he confirmed at the time.

So, Saturday morning, I sent a text him a text to check was everything fine, could I expect him to arrive from South Yorkshire? – and he replied fine, so no worries about him – to begin with.

He wanted to be in role play as a plumber, with me dressed in a business suit, and he wished for me to gag and restrain him, along with spitting, humiliation and similar.

He explained he was on his way, by train, but the train had broken down.  When I phoned him a second time – he explained the train had broken down again, making further delay.

I phoned him a third time, by that time 90 minutes had gone by.  On my third contact to him, he simply blanked my call – didn’t respond, didn’t answer.

So beware of a guy phoning you from South Yorkshire, with ideas of being a plumber in role play, you in a business suit, etc.  Because you’ll be in line for a total waste of time.

Warning you, and signing off


Mistress Tania Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress