Received a toilet slave today, and I received him in perfect timing!  I heard the knock at the door, and  racing fast to door…

“Well hurry up in, Slave, and get undressed quick-smart, I  can’t hold myself any longer!”

“Get settled in the toilet box and hurry!”

I got my panties down and got seated on the box just in nick of time.  Firstly I’d had the urge to empty myself from behind – it launched itself on his face.

How’s that do you, Slave?” I asked.   He was lost for words.

The relief and relaxation with that then helped my golden rain flow, which rained onto my Slave’s  face!


I nipped into bathroom to freshen up,  panties back up, and in a couple of minutes I returned to the slave.

I  began the chat“next time I need a ladies toilet in a desperate hurry, you’ll obey my call, hmm?” 

After a few lines of that, he shot his load!


Signing off,

Mistress Tania, Huddersifeld.

Mature Yorkshire Mistress