A slave out there must have been reading my latest blog – of  the TV (the one who came by train).

Another TV came to town, and it was my good fortune that it brought him my way!

He was a very nice chap,  with a desire to be a schoolgirl in need of punishment and discipline.  “I’ve been a very naughty schoolgirl, pulling my silk panties and stockings down, to let the rude boys finger my bits and pieces!”

(MY REPLY) “Never mind the rude boys, I want to know why stockings?, why silk panties? – completely against school regulations?!”

(The TV’s reply bowled me over with its insolence) “because I wanted to push your level of discipline to see what you would do to me if I broke enough of the rules?!”

As soon as he shut his insolent mouth,  I delivered a hard slap across his face, and kicked him over in the direction of the horse!

“So first, (said I yanking down his panties) down with your tart’s gear and I’ll cane your arse into butcher’s mince.”   I then doled out six of the best – a violent, stinging six of the best! 

On the last, I asked “Arse stinging yet?, Do you feel suitably punished?”

The TV’s reply was that he could not take any more from where that came from.

And, giving him a thick ear for a bonus, I whispered: ” since you like to be touched up, I’ll deal you some touching up of my own – my finger, your arse!”

Signing off

Mistress Tania, Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress