Took a call this morning from a regular TV of mine, who always wants to arrive already dressed for the role – the tarty look!

I answered the knock at my door, to find a 6ft, 6″ tart – ( that’s  6, 6″ when the tart is in heels).

To describe his…, her, attire – a micro mini skirt, tight elasticated top, plus fish nets!   And for, some kind of modesty, she wore a bomber jacket over these!

I said, “get in here, fool, and tell me if you had a safe and boring journey?” 

“It wasn’t safe or boring. Had to sit in a part of the train near the doors.    For the first few stages of my journey, there was quite a strong breeze getting up outside, so whenever the doors opened, the breeze came in with force, and I got paranoid that the give of my skirt would catch the breeze!”

To stop him from waffling on too much…I just ordered him to shut up!

“But one more detail, Mistress…the ticket collector couldn’t leave his eyes off me, and I…I liked it!”   “Puts me in  fantasy mood for sucking on Mistress’s strap-on because you’ve found out that I tried to cheat the train fare!”   


I have my TV kneeling in front of me, in my role as a lady revenue inspector from the trains!  I found something that looked like a train inspector’s cap, fitted my strap on, and took the tone.   “You filthy, fare cheating tart, think you can cheat me of  a train fare!!” 

“The first penalty for you, tart,  get your lips around my strap-on and suck like you’ve never sucked on a strap on before.”

The second penalty, to then force a hard fucking, with strap on, up the TV’s arse – “feel my strap-on pumping away inside you…tart?!”

The slave asked could I arrange a man to give him a fucking also…?

“Not today slave, but next time, I might even ask the station master to drop by for you!”

Signing off

Mistress Tania, Huddersfield

Mature Yorkshire Mistress