Jane called in again last week to book another three hour session – once again starting with a nice meal before receiving her well deserved punishment!

She was in a lively mood when she arrived, telling me that she was only wearing Chanel number 5 under her skirt, which in itself left little to the imagination.

So off we went to the restaurant, and when were seated at our table a gentleman came over, who I’d had the pleasure of disciplining on more than one occasion.

From what he had said he had clearly read my blog, knew exactly who Jane was…and knew what was going to happen after the meal!

I thought that Jane would be embarrassed, but she simply asked him if he was by himself and when he said he was, she really surprised me by asking him to come join us!!!

So there we were – the three of us – but Jane carried on as though we were alone, asking me to describe exactly what would happen to her when we got back to chambers.

Then she surprised me yet again by asking if I would be able to get a master to join us, as she fancied being spanked by a man!!

So I played along saying what a shame, if only she’d  mentioned it earlier, but I  couldn’t get anyone at such short notice.  We both then went quiet as we waited for our table companion  to pluck up the courage to offer his services.

When he finally managed to say he’d be happy to help, Jane’s acting was superb as she pretended she’d never thought of that.   So there we were – him desperate to finish the meal, pay the bill and get back up the road, with Jane teasing him by ordering a desert and coffee.

When we were back he got his reward for treating us to the meal, as first he watched me warming Jane’s delightful bottom before taking her across his knee for a full five minutes of pleasure for both of them!!!

I then gave her strap  before putting her over the school desk for six with the cane.   Jane then asked for six more from the “Headmaster”  – so I gave him a lesson in how to cane properly – as in the wrong hands it can be dangerous.

When he was ready Jane went over the desk again and he placed six beauties across her bare backside.  She did let out a couple of squeals but took it well and you should have seen the look on his face when, having pulled her skirt back in place she said forcefully “MY TURN NOW, GET YOUR TROUSERS DOWN AND GET OVER THAT DESK!!!”

What a surprising woman Jane is – good looking,  elegant, full of fun and clearly ready for  just about anything!!!


Signing off


Mistress Tania

Mature Yorkshire Mistress